• Accepted for Publication - It’s good to talk! Changes in Coronary Revascularisation Practice In PCI Centres without Onsite Surgical Cover and the Im

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  • With virtually no delay any patient information can be transmitted pixel for pixel to anywhere else you need. This allows both routine and critical pa

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  • National Director for Heart Disease and Stroke Vascular Programme, at the Department of Health, was present at the event in 2010 and said: “Life Str

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Testimonial Text

“Life Stream is an innovative new device that will enable patients to get the right choice of treatment, quickly. There is a huge waste of beds in hospitals, with people waiting for decisions to be made. It should not be underestimated how important new technology like this is to advancing healthcare in the UK.”
“I was delighted to be able to host this remarkable local company in the House, and I know that colleagues and officials from the Department of Health were hugely impressed. This technology brings exciting times ahead, not only for Life Stream, but for the NHS who I hope will take advantage of this excellent product.”

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“We have a device that will make a real difference to patients with heart conditions. The system could also be used for patients suffering with cancer, neurological issues or strokes; it’s the future of communication in the NHS. I am very proud to have developed something that will have such a great impact to people’s lives.”

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