St Thomas’ Project

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The Cardiac centre at St Thomas’ Hospital in London had a requirement to support Primary cases from the Cardiology department at Eastbourne Hospital. Eastbourne District Hospital had been using Life Stream for their remote MDT system for a number of years so it was an obvious choice to implement Life Stream within the existing Seminar room in the London hospital .

The existing St Thomas Seminar room already had a dual wall mounted display and presentation lecture, so Life Stream was integrated into this environment. Housing the Life Stream main processor unit and audio processor unit within the lecture and adding the Life Stream camera, ceiling mounted, along with dual speakers and surround microphone. The 19″ touch screen was mounted in the lecture for system control.

The existing Seminar room was an ideal environment situated at the heart of the cardiac department. Due to the Seminar room being well used, a secon, desktop Life Stream system, was also deployed within the adjacent medcon room, for any emergency MDT sessions that may need to be conducted.

A VPN encrypted tunnel across the NHS N3 network was set up for the Life Stream sessions with the East Sussex network. This not only enabled the remote MDT sessions with Eastbourne, but also expanded with links to The Conquest in Hastings and also the Brighton DGH. Weekly MDT sessions are conducted between all the locations.